The Single Most Important Thing


I have people ask me this all the time how to prepare to buy a home… OR they tell me they’re sure they *can’t* buy a home!  I say: “What’s the single most important thing you could do to get ready to buy a house? Even if you think its “down the road”?
Talk to a *good* lender. They’ll take your info, and *not* charge you anything to run your numbers & give you a range of prices (based on what you qualify for *and* how much you prefer to spend on monthly payments), OR an actual plan on what exactly you need to do to work toward getting approved. Contact me. I know people ; ) People I feel good about. People I’ve vetted. People you can trust with your own individual adventure.”

City of Birds

Portland Artists are into birds. Portland is the City of Roses, the City of Bridges…but its also the City of Birds~