Why You Buy A Home

Linda Rossi – May 11, 2020

There are lots of great reasons to buy a home.

The reasons you’ll usually hear are practical and financial ones like:

  • Appreciation (grow your nest egg/investment)
  • Mortgage Interest and Property Tax Deductions (especially where it makes sense on a higher-end/jumbo loan home)
  • Exclusion from Capital Gains
  • Prices are Attractive/Bending toward Buyer’s benefit
  • Mortgage Rates are Low

These are all very good reasons!  But, as I read recently, if financial considerations were the only motivator, we’d all “Buy Low/Sell High” every single time.  We don’t do that.  I mean, sometimes the circumstances are just right for us to do that & that’s fabulous! But mostly people buy homes for the following reasons:

  • Family is growing/need more space
  • Just want a nicer house
  • Renting now & tired of contributing to landlord’s equity w/no personal gain
  • Be closer to work, work location changed, etc
  • Get child into a desired school or district
  • Move out of a condo to have more control over property
  • Move into a condo to have less responsibility for maintenance
  • Downsizing
  • Want to be closer to shops/restaurants/services
  • Want to be farther away from the hubbub of activity and traffic

So… all of these reasons revolve around making your Life better. That’s why I always say I help people change their lives through buying or selling real estate. Its just what its all about ; )