I thought it might be a good idea to take a look at things we might be wanting to include on our to-do lists & consider taking care of before the end of the year. Namely…Giving! Its fall and we're heading into the Celebrating & Giving time of year pretty soon. Many want to think ahead about tax time as well.  If you’re going to give anyway…. this is definitely the time to do it!

Here are some worthy ideas for your consideration:

  • Here’s a great resource  site to help you evaluate the most worthy recipients of your donations based on their research:  The Portland “Give Guide”
  • If art is important to you, consider donating to the Regional Arts Council.
  • Speaking of giving, I know from my days in my son's school's Booster Club, that every community has needy families.  Some of your kids’ friends may very well have parents who’ve lost a job, or are in some sort of upheaval and wondering how they’re going to be able to pay their bills let alone create a semi normal-feeling holiday for their household .  Your favorite local school probably has names of families in need. Give a call to the school of your choice and think about donating a holiday roast or turkey, or just dropping off a few gifts.  The school counselor usually knows just what to do with this kind of generosity, and you’ll know you really made a difference for some needy family in your own neighborhood.
  • If animals are near and dear to your heart, there are lots of options for donating.  The Oregon Humane Society is an obvious choice, and/but some smaller outfits that take up the slack and don’t have quite the visibility of the OHS would be heart-warmed to receive your donation.  One that is recommended to me by someone in the know is the Family Dogs New Life Shelter. It is a no-kill shelter that does excellent work.

There are so many great choices, I thought I’d highlight just a few and give you some links to resources that offer many options. Enjoy your holidays, and the Joys that come with the season!

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