The Cost of Waiting

This graphic (below) grabbed my attention.  As Realtors, many people think we set prices and are contributing to the increases we see.  I can only speak for myself, but that is not what I am seeing or have seen in my 17 years helping people in the Portland area. Realtors look at what similar homes have sold for recently in the neighborhood when advising on pricing a home.  It does no one any good to overprice a home. If a home is overpriced it tend to sit on the market. Right now, the truth is that as there are not many properties on the market, Buyers are competing with each other to secure a reduced number of properties. That drives prices up. Right now interest rates are *low* and the general consensus is that they are only going to rise from here as the economy rebounds so……..  My advice is to let me help you get an edge in this ,market, and    …don’t wait:

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